A veritable master of fire ceremonies, Ivizia's ten year's of fire performance experience guarantee to ignite the darkest of fantasies. Be prepared to be amazed and inspired as Ivizia takes the Euchronia stage.

Currently resident at Dante’s Sinferno Cabaret in Portland, Oregon—a cutting-edge club in a city of freaks and relentless rain—Ivizia's repertoire includes cube spinning and unique puppetry performance, and her Carnie Couture label produces stylish and original performance wear and streetwear.

Previous gigs: Ivizia has worked recently with Stilt Circus, Vaudevire Society, Firerotica, Societas Insomnia and Garnish (at the Burning Man festival) and is fresh from an international tour including performances in "Les Maîtres du Feu" in Canada, and Finland's Sexhibition.

More: youtube, vimeo, Carnie Couture