Magdalene first started performing in 1996 as an avant-garde belly dancer at gothic and fetish events in New Zealand, long before the movement now known as "Gothic Bellydance" appeared around the globe. She used her background in Arabic Dance to create unusual, sometimes beautiful, sometimes horrifying scenes to draw her audience into the emotional landscapes of her performance.

She has gone on to in the UK as well as throughout New Zealand, and currently makes regular performances in the burgeoning NZ burlesque and fetish scenes.

Euchronia will be Magdalene's premiere Australian performance.

Previous gigs: NZ: Petit Cheval Burlesque, Hootchy Kootchy Girls Burlesque, NZ Fetish Ball (Auckland/Christchurch), Dust Palace, Aroha Festival, Darkness Gathering Events, Circadian Rhythms events, Dancing in Old Cairo, Club Bizarre, Greater Darkness events, Hero festival parties; UK: Torture Garden, Marquee, The Synergy Project @ SeOne, Black Mass Events.

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