Sforzando are an 8-piece pirate orchestra whose performances blend punk, sea shanties, sea-mist and hideous aquatic monsters into something appropriating music. They are post-modern pirates — none of them can swim — and they spend more time pillaging ideas than actual pillaging.

Sforzando follow the three ancient rules of piracy:

Rule 1: Respect the music of the ocean.
Rule 2: Find treasure.
Rule 3: Loudly.

Sforzando intend to steal steampunks to work on their pirate ship The Evil Betty. You have been warned!

Band members:
Quincy Hall: (Vocals) Established Melbourne playwright and performer, currently working on a series of pirate tales for teenagers..

Raju Sharma: (Percussion) Fat Pirate 2, Indian pirate who has played with such luminaries as Sting and Peter Gabriel in South-East Asia, and locally, with Howlin' Wind, Slava Gregorian and Eden.

Scott Jansen: (Violin) Fat Pirate 1, Melbourne pirate artist and violin master whose paintings adorn the walls of hundreds of the city's cafes and attractions (most notably, the Children's Hospital foyer).

Paul Tierney: (Drums) The only pirate drummer with a masters degree in Engineering.

Dave O'Reilly: (Guitar) Fat Pirate 3

Garth Heron: (Bass) Pirate Ship Engineer/Buchaneer

Major Festivals / Regular Venues Played:
Queenscliff Festival, 1998, 1999 (festival, and 'best of the fest'), 2000 (media launch), Mallacoota Arts Festival, 1999, 2001 (plus official invitation by council leading to performance at the 2000 New Year's Eve celebration), Port Fairy Folk Festival, 1999, St Kilda Festival, 1999, Moomba, 1999, Melbourne Festival / Melbourne Fringe Festival, 1999, 2000, 2001, Punters Club, regulars from 1997 onwards, The Empress Of India, regulars from 1999 onwards,Dan O'Connell Hotel, ten month residency in 1998, Plus regular appearances at: Esplanade Hotel, Ninth Ward, Corner Hotel.

Sforzando played Euchronia 2008 to significant acclaim.

We Sail Away on Mabuhay Records (1997)
Midnight at the Lighthouse on pR8, live at Port Fairy (1999)
Hideous Sea Creatures (2002)
SFZ-EP (2005)

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