Weapons policy

The most important message in this policy is that you must act within the law at all times, or we will remove you from the venue and not allow you to return.

Euchronia is an event conducted under Victorian law, the directly applicable law being the Control of Weapons Act 1990. In addition, you should know and adhere to any other laws relating to dangerous or threatening behaviour. We will not hesitate to remove you from the venue immediately if you behave inappropriately with anything which might be deemed a weapon. Please use your common sense at all times, and if you're carrying a weapon then you should remain sober and responsible throughout the evening. If in any doubt about your own capacity to be responsible and to act within the law at all times, please check your weapon into the cloakroom.


Under the Act, carrying real firearms to an event like Euchronia is strictly prohibited.

Imitation firearms are "Controlled Weapons" under the Act, but a costume gun is only an Imitation Firearm for this purpose if it "has the appearance of" a projectile weapon manufactured after 1900, and "participation in [...] entertainment" is a lawful excuse to "possess, carry or use" a Controlled Weapon. So, if your weapon doesn't look like a modern gun then you can bring it to Euchronia and carry it within the venue. However, you must not use your gun inappropriately or act irresponsibly or we will remove you.

Swords, Sword Canes and other bladed weapons

Under the Act, swords and the like are "Prohibited Weapons", which means they are "inappropriate for general possession and use without a Governor in Council Exemption Order or a Chief Commissioner Approval." So, for almost everyone, swords are strictly prohibited.

However, if you are a member of a historical re-enactment society with a specific exemption under the Act (example), and you can prove that if challenged, we will not interfere with you bringing a sword to Euchronia. However, you must not use a sword in any way, including demonstrating it to any person, carrying it unscabarded, waving it about, or acting inappropriately or irresponsibly or we will remove you.

Other weapons

Most weapons other than imitation guns are Prohibited. If in doubt, just don't bring it.

Please note: None of the above constitutes legal advice, and you should consult an appropriate authority if you are in any doubt yourself. All Euchronia attendees, regardless of anything said above, must comply with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations regarding weapons, imitation weapons and props, as well as their usage.