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Tickets are on sale... now!

First release tickets are now officially on sale along with Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers membership, as well as group accommodation and transport options. We will be updating the site and announcing the first DJ & performance lineups shortly.


Our poster image

We've had so many compliments on our poster since our launch I thought I might provide a little more information about the many talented people involved in its creation, as well as a couple of close-up shots.

Our photographer for the shoot was Peter Coulson, of Koukei photography. This was our first shoot with Peter, and we were delighted with the results. He is truly a world class photographer.

Our model is Miss Stephanie Slann - see more of her modelling work here. Steph's been a hair guinea-pig for Wildilocks for many years, and we were so grateful for her participation. By all reports she loved having us dress her up in the height of anachronistic fashion. is born!

We have the basic information up on the website - more to come, much, much more! Keep your eyes on this news page manually or via RSS [], to keep up with the happenings.

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