Ed Bondarenko

A Tesla Coil in Operation

Senior Physicist Ed Bondarenko MIEAust CPEng CPhys MInstP is the retired head of the Telstra Research Laboratories' Lightning Lab and currently consults for Scienceworks. Ed will conduct demonstrations of High Energy SCIENCE! throughout the evening to astound, amaze and possibly terrify.

Ed's tens of thousands of dollars' worth of scientific equipment will include 1m and 2m Tesla Coils, an Electrostatic Levitation device and a Van de Graaff generator. The 1m coil will be discharged at intervals throughout the night, generating bolts of artificial lightning approaching the megavolt range.

Please note: The live coil will be shrouded in a Faraday Cage to prevent any danger from Electromagnetic Radiation, but the electrical discharges themselves are potentially life-threatening. As such, viewing of the display during operation is strictly at your own risk.

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