Euchronia 2010 Prerelease tickets Now On Sale & First Lineup Announcement Revealed!

Greetings fellow lovers of all things steamy & neoVictorian! It is my great pleasure to be able to inform you our very special pre-release ticket tranche for Euchronia 2010 is now on sale, and our first artist & attraction announcement is below.

Prepare to be amazed, as even this first round of announcements includes some incredible artists on the bill!

Firstly, a face you may find familiar from our last event ... but a LOT more mature!

Tana Karo

Tana Karo is a circus performer currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from the USA, she has travelled many places... and is still going. Her passions are trapeze, dance, absurdity, puppets, heavy machinery, fetish, latex, silks, stilts, explosives, juggling, fire eating, fire dancing, play piercing, tattooing, hula hooping, sideshow, meteors, foot juggling, character, burlesque...

Next up, a very talented and lovely lady, joining us for the first time...


A bright new spark on the Australian burlesque scene, Kerryx is a sizzling and sensual bombshell waiting to be uncovered (literally!) Her seductive and sensual flair will leave hearts pumping, pulses racing and imaginations running wild with a flutter of her lashes, sly wink, and a shake of her hips. With inspirations ranging from bellydance to both classic and modern burlesque, she is known for her smouldering performances with a dark streak. Kerryx leaves audiences enthralled and begging for more!

Now for the first of our 2010 bands, the wonderful...

Rouge Foncé

Rouge Foncé is a 5-piece dark burlesque rock band from Melbourne, on a mission to bring the worlds of burlesque and rock together in a steamy, grotesque affair. They're a little bit burlesque, a little bit gypsy, a little bit cabaret, and all sexy and stylish. Rouge Foncé bring provocative vocals, haunting melodies, and macabre storytelling rock to the burlesque revival scene. Prepare to be seduced.

We are very excited to announce a truly amazing outfit, who will be joining us with some quite extraordinary instruments:

Bent Leather Band

The Bent Leather Band are a duo performing electro-acoustic music on spectacular and unusual instruments of leather and electronics. Their work explores gestural control of sound and music, and interactive and algorithmic composition. Cannon and Favilla's approach considers all aspects of music-making, using technology in its own right, not to synthesize existing sounds but to play sounds yet unheard of. Their self-invented instruments put them in a unique and bizarre space within the Australian musical map.

And, our most exciting announcement for Euchronia so far, for her very first performance in Australia, the inimitable Meredith Yayanos, performing as...


Meredith Yayanos, aka Theremina, began her torrid love affair with a Moog Etherwave® in 1996 after watching the remarkable documentary Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. "Taking up this beautiful, challenging instrument has proven to be one the most rewarding decisions I'll ever make." She has also been playing violin and singing for as long as she can remember.

A world traveler who currently splits her time between California and New Zealand, Yayanos has enjoyed collaborating in various ways with a wide assortment of fascinating folks including Beats Antique, the Dresden Dolls, Rachel Brice, Faun Fables, the Vau de Vire Society, Angelo Moore, Nicki Jaine, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Butch Morris, Sport Murphy, The Walkmen, Moe! Staiano, Thomas Truax, Pinataland, Love Life, David Garland, Parker & Lily, The Vanity Set, and most recently, Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop. Yayanos is co-founder and co-editor of Coilhouse Magazine + Blog: A Love Letter to Alternative Culture.

Her solo set for Euchronia will be an atmospheric, eclectic blend of theremin, strings, voice, samples and loops.

Euchronia will be bringing you a full complement of DJs; confirmed so far to be joining us again are DJ Lobotomy [MEL] of Cabaret Nocturne, and DJ Tigerlily [SYD] who will be winging her way down from the North. More to be announced in our next round!

This Euchronia sees a substantial increase in venue size, which means we can offer a lot more! Euchronia 2010 will take place in a breathtakingly grand former power station only very recently re-purposed as an events venue: The Substation, Newport. The building features a perfect blend of history and modern facilities to delight both neo-Victorian enthusiasts and discerning event-goers of every stripe. Whilst outside the CBD, the venue is a 30 second walk from Newport train station, and you don't even need to cross a road to get there - there is also ample parking, so whether you PT or car, you can get there & away easily and safely.

So given our amazing and huge new venue, adding to the festivities this year, you will find:

Art Exhibition

Euchronia 2010 will feature a professional art exhibition curated by the renowned Mad Uncle Cliff, antipodean maker extraordinaire.

If you are an artist interested in participating in the exhibition, email your details to More details regarding requirements etc will be posted in the near future.

The Bazaar

For the first time this year Euchronia will include a bazaar featuring selected purveyors of delightful goods of a Steampunk persuasion.

If you are interested in offering your wares at the bazaar, email for an application form. Preference will be given to handmade goods of high quality, sold by the artisans themselves.

Finally, there remains one last thing to discuss - the tickets!

Head over to the ticket page for full details - and we hope to see you there!

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