Euchronia - new acts announced + much more [steampunk / neo-Victorian Years End Ball]

It is with a huge amount of excitement that we announce the star additions to our already substantial lineup for Euchronia. We also have a spanky new flyer too, hope you like it!

clicken to enhugen


The Tenth Stage

While we tend to be of the opinion that steampunk doesn't really have a definitive "sound", these guys come closer than anything else we've come across! With their vaudevillian styling, period dress and instrumental influences, as well as the excellent MC skills of the incomparable Tim Harris, The Tenth Stage will mesmerize you with their dark and twisted tales. Absolutely not to be missed, if you like your Victoriana dark, melodic and steamy!


And not to veer too far to the steamy side, Sforzando will be injecting some spirited punk into our steampunk! Sforzando are a 6-piece pirate orchestra who blend ferocious punk, Western European folk melodies and classic sea shanties to create a soundscape for the ocean. Sforzando will be pulling out all the stops for this, their first performance in six months, to see out the old year in true pirate style. Calling all Pastafarians: your regalia is required, and if you're stuck for neo-Victorian costume ideas, step back a few years and find yourself a frilly shirt, a tricorne and a parrot!


DJ Omega [Brisbane]

A last minute addition to our merry band of phonographic operators, Omega is well known to the Brisbane goth/steampunk scene but just getting started down in Melbourne. We look forward to her gilded presence with bated breath!


We also have added to our event roster the estimable photographic services of Assassinus, who will be providing Victorian style portraiture on the evening to capture you and your wonderful outfits in all their sartorial splendour.

Aaaand last but not least, we'd like to announce a special change to the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers membership. As some people have expressed regret at their inability to attend Euchronia due to geographic or other inconveniences, we have decided to open up membership to all who wish to join, even if they cannot attend the event. Standard membership includes a specially engraved pocket watch, documentation, and access to the members-only forums on See here for more details and updated information!

Standard release tickets are available now [at $55, plus b.f. if applicable] online, tomorrow from Wildilocks @ The Lockworks [Little Collins St, CBD] & Base808 [Perth], and from Tuesday or Wednesday from the following excellent outlets around Melbourne: Peril Underground [Elizabeth St, CBD], Heartland Records [Peel St, North Melbourne], Charley Weaver [Chapel St, Prahran], Vicious Venus [Smith St, Collingwood], Muff Clothing [Degraves St Subway + Queen Victoria Markets, CBD] and Lulamae [Brunswick + South Melbourne].

We are still expecting to add a couple more acts, but we will refrain from spamming you in the immediate future - but we just had to tell you about these great additions :)

also, appy polly loggies if you see this more than once!

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