Final lineup additions [most probably!]

Hey folks!

It's getting closer and closer to NYE (5 weeks now, give or take an hour or two!) and we are pleased to announce what will probably be the final additions to our already stunning bill!

Alex De La Rambelje: Magician! In true Victorian cabaret style, we have procured the services of a skilled illusionist. Alex follows in the tradition of turn-of-last-century sleight-of-hand wizards like Harry Houdini, whose mastery of manual dexterity left their audiences breathless. Alex’s act features authentic, traditional cabaret magic performed with the expertise and sophistication guaranteed to impress and enthrall even in these more sophisticated times.

DJ Lobotomy: a name which should be familiar to many of you as one half of the awesome Cabaret Nocturne team. DJ Lobotomy was one of our first picks for Euchronia, and we are very happy to finally be able to announce his addition to the bill. His playlist runs the gamut from Oldschool, Neo-goth, Industrial and EBM to Grunge, Britpop, Indie, Electro and 80's trash.

Tickets for the night are $55 until the 15th December. If you managed to grab a specially-stamped flyer at the Cup Eve Golgotha and would like to attend Euchronia, you may still head into Wildilocks @ The Lockworks before that date to receive a $10 Golgotha discount.

We're very excited to have so many folks coming from interstate --especially Sydney-- as well as an ever-growing membership roster in the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers. If you’d like to partake of the benefits of League membership [which include a special members-only event prior to Euchronia, a shiny open-face pocketwatch with gears-a-whirring, a horse drawn carriage ride & much more] please take a look over here.

And finally, to any further potential interstate attendees and anyone who may be wishing to take advantage of our hotel offer in conjunction with the Victoria Hotel: please make your bookings before the 1st December to be guaranteed a room. (We may be able to accept more rooms under our group reservation after that date, but this is the date the hotel has given as a cut-off for guaranteed rooms.)

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