A host of thankyous from Euchronia!

Well, we've had a few days now to recover and try to put together some meagre words to express our amazement and gratitude to everyone who came to the Ball and made the event what it was. We truly were astonished at the breadth and variety of outfits, and the sheer numbers of people who clearly took much time and care with their presentation down to the most minute of details. Feedback has been pouring into our inboxes and we are genuinely humbled: yes, it was a phenomenal amount of work, but it's all the participants who made Euchronia such a resounding success; so thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

Our especial thanks go out to the following people: all our fantastic performers, including all the bands, dancers, cabaret artists & DJs, as well as Sir Frederick Chook with readings from the lovely Gill-Chambers for the League pre-event; Monica Zanchetta and Emma Kuetgens-Fitzpatrick of snackbarartspace.com and their assistants including Louis, Amanda, David, Kate, Jason and more with art & decoration; all our wonderful volunteers including Holly, Ash, Steph, Sarah, Cassandra, Sha & Matt who helped with catering, door, and various stage assist roles; Bernard of Assassinus for photography on the night; Two Cans Antiques and Black Dragon Blacksmiths for furniture loan, all the staff from Bella Union who did an excellent job both before and during the evening; everyone who assisted with promotion including Samantha Shields and models of the AMA, Peter Coulson of Koukei, Cloe Bunter, Katie Timpano, Dolly Q, Circa Vintage, Retrostar Vintage Clothing, Rose Chong Costume Hire and Wildilocks @ The Lockworks for clothing & Kat, Kate + Kelsey specifically for all their help with hair & general dogsbodying, Sarah & Cam for their early involvement, Jason for venue recommendation & Mel for contacts; all our ticket stockists and promoters, everyone who blogged, published articles or promoted to their membership about Euchronia including Gala, Horrorscope and Continuum; I'm sure we'll have missed a few names here, hopefully any others not mentioned by name will know who you are and how much we appreciate your contributions, no matter how big or small!

Photos. We've been receiving links to many photos (there are already quite a few on flickr and elsewhere) and we have now created a photo gallery for any of you who'd like your images to be available on the Euchronia site - the Euchronia Gallery is linked to accounts already created for use with the forums and shopping cart etc, so you can just log in with your existing details to upload images into your own personal gallery! We've already added quite a few, but we'd love to see more more more! Please definitely consider adding photos to the Euchronia gallery especially if you've only been uploading to Facebook: only your friends can see those images and that's especially unfair to people you may have photographed who don't use Facebook. Our professional photos which so many of you were lining up to be shot by Assassinus in the Annex will be available during the coming week on the site too. Please note also that the gallery is still in development and a few things may move around in the coming weeks and there may be some error messages, but photos can be uploaded without problems and display fine. We will have video coming soon too!

The League. Finally, we'd like to let you know that this is just the beginning. The Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers has plans afoot! If you are superkeen on steampunk, and interested in joining the League, standard memberships are still available, and we're considering online-only membership as well. League membership now includes posting rights on the new community blog, antipodeanleague.org which while currently only in its infancy, we hope to grow to become a hub of activity and a primary source of steampunk news and information. The League rss feed is here.

Onward, and upward! As always, any feedback is appreciated: what your favourite moments were, how we may have improved the event, any anecdotes or information all gratefully received.

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