It's time!

Weather forecast for 31st December, 2008:

Cloudy. Shower or two clearing. Winds west to southwesterly averaging up to 35 km/h. Airships take care to tether on at least two moorings. Min 12 Max 23

Tally Ho! It's time for all our revelers to begin final preparations for The Night Ahead in which all manner of anachronistic hedonism comes to life in full, to whit, at Euchronia!

There are still some tickets for sale @ Peril Underground, Wildilocks @ The Lockworks & Heartland Records until close of business, and we will be taking online sales for door pickup until 5pm. There will be limited tickets available on the door, but be aware that our ticket sales are approaching capacity and we recommend coming early to avoid possible disappointment if you are planning on door purchase - as well as to see all the fantastic entertainment we have planned for the evening, of course!

We have added one last DJ to our lineup and that is DJ Louis, an old hand come to our rescue who's been at the decks since the heady days of Subculture, Revelations and Abyss, though more recently Nemesis, DV8 and Gulag.

We're also announcing a last minute philanthropic element to Euchronia. We've had notable interest from the age-challenged who cannot attend our 18+ event, so we have decided to offer a free carriage ride @ 8.30pm before the Event Proper for those who'd like to get into the Steampunk spirit, and who have come up to see the promenade of people entering but cannot do so themselves. You need to be under 18 and at the venue at 8.30; a maximum of 8 persons can be seated. First in, best dressed (or perhaps the other way around?)

Following below the cut are set times, to allow you to plan your evening. Programmes will also be at the door.

New Ballroom

* 9.00pm - 9.50pm DJ Omega
* 9.50pm - 10.40pm DJ Viscera
* 10.40pm - 10.55pm Serpentskirt
* 10.55pm - 11.55pm Gus Exposition
* 11.55pm - 12.00am Midnight countdown
* 12.00am - 12.15am Rosy Rabbit
* 12.15am - 1.00am DJ Mixmaster Malice
* 1.00am - 1.50am DJ Lobotomy
* 1.50am - 2.40am DJ Tigerlily
* 2.40am - 3.30am DJ Louis

Bella Union Bar

* 9.10pm - 9.40pm Dandelion Wine (acoustic set)
* 9.50pm - 10.00pm The Tanquerays
* 10.10pm - 10.40pm Alex De La Rambelje
* 10.55pm - 11.55pm The Tenth Stage
* 11.55pm - 12.00am Midnight countdown
* 12.20am - 12.30am Tank the Muppet
* 12.40am - 1.40am Sforzando
* 1.55am - 2.00am Rosy Rabbit
* 2.10am - 2.50am Dandelion Wine (main set)

See you tonight!

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