Kate O'Brien

Kate O’Brien is an emerging Artist from Brisbane who draws upon her love of art history and vintage fashion and textiles to take the viewer on a visual journey through time.

O’Brien’s work consists primarily of elaborately staged character portraits composed of items she sources from op shops, liquidators and antique dealers. Many of her concepts are often years in the making as she collects the different elements to complete her vision.

Her more recent work features historically based apparel she has made specifically for each individual image. The process of researching, constructing and finally incorporating the piece into the resulting image is as important as the finished work. O’Brien says, “Retracing the same stitches as artisans and embroiderers hundreds of years earlier allows me to feel a deeper connection to the history of women and their role in the decorative arts”.

Eschewing digital photo composition techniques, O’Brien firmly believes that all of her works must only contain elements that were really there in the studio at the time of shooting. She believes this enhances the viewer's experience because, no matter how fantastical and fictional, the characters she conjures up really did exist for a moment in time through the camera’s viewfinder.

Previous gigs: Fiend Cover, (2009), Coilhouse Magazine (2009)

More: Website, Flickr