No Euchronia for 2012

There will be no New Year's Eve ALTV event in 2012.

No Euchronia in 2011

Please note that Euchronia is a bi-annual event, and that no Euchronia is planned for 2011. The ALTV Entertainment Committee will announce plans for any 2012 event some time in the new year.

Overdue Thanks and Acknowlegements

It has been four weeks now since Euchronia wired us all into this second decade of the 21st Century in a whirl of lightning, flame, music and dance. On behalf of the League, we congratulate and extend sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone who took part in this entirely extraordinary New Year’s Eve party.

Breaking Euchronia News: LIVE TESLA COIL! ... 3 days to go!

Greetings folks,

We have some amazing, last-minute news: we will have a genuine LIVE TESLA COIL display at Euchronia! This has been quite a thing to organize and we didn't want to announce it until we were pretty sure it would be happening, but we can now confirm that senior Physicist Ed Bondarenko, former head of the Telstra Research High Voltage Lab, will be doing live Tesla Coil and Electrostatic Levitation displays throughout the earlier part of the evening, so you'll want to make sure you come early to see this fantastic display of SCIENCE!

EUCHRONIA final lineup, artists & DJs announced + XMAS SPECIAL!

Are you still ummming and ahhing about NYE? Need a few more reasons to be convinced that Euchronia this year will utterly eclipse 2008's hugely successful event, and you'd be completely mad to miss it?

Read on, for there is much to tempt. (If you're already convinced but still ticketless, feel free to skip to the end for details of TICKET DISCOUNTS.)


Adventures with fellow steampunks in Oamaru...

Euchronia organising committee members Cassandra and Jeremy's adventures with fellow steampunks in Oamaru have been blogged about extensively on the Antipodean League site, take a look!

How we made the Euchronia 2010 Tesla coil poster image - a world first for steampunks!

Gosh, it's now less than a month til Euchronia! As in 2008, we've had so many compliments on our 2010 Euchronia poster we felt some information on how it was created would be of interest, even more so than last time.

(Click through to see the full size .gif on Peter's site)

Only 24 hours left for Euchronia presale tickets!

Tally Ho! Only 24 hours left on pre-sale Euchronia tickets - get them before the price goes up! >> - we will be posting out al presale tickets at the same time this week, so don't worry if you haven't received yours yet! Standard release will be available at a variety of ticketing outlets from late this week, we will update when we have outlets confirmation.

Euchronia Pre-sale extended by 1 week - plus a NEW steampunk/goth event for Wellington!

Pre-release tickets for Euchronia 2010 have been selling like astonishingly fast-selling things! We've managed to catch some folks a little on the hop however, as certain corners of the Internet are only now learning that Euchronia will be happening again this New Year's Eve. In order not to disadvantage these benighted souls, we have decided to extend the pre-release period for one additional week.

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