Euchronia 2010 Prerelease tickets Now On Sale & First Lineup Announcement Revealed!

Greetings fellow lovers of all things steamy & neoVictorian! It is my great pleasure to be able to inform you our very special pre-release ticket tranche for Euchronia 2010 is now on sale, and our first artist & attraction announcement is below.

Prepare to be amazed, as even this first round of announcements includes some incredible artists on the bill!

Firstly, a face you may find familiar from our last event ... but a LOT more mature!

Tana Karo

Euchronia 2010 - Wired into a New World

"Is it a fact -- or have I dreamt it -- that, by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time?" - Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers is pleased to confirm that our Year's End celebration Euchronia will take place again this year. We invite persons of quality and taste to join with us in celebrating the dawn of 2011 in a pageant of sartorial and terpsichorean exuberance.

Euchronia: yes, we shall be returning, but as a biennial event!

OK, we've been getting emails, calls and people in store @ Wildilocks asking us: is there going to be a Euchronia this year?

After significant deliberation and consideration for 2009, we've decided that, in keeping with our aim to maintain Euchronia as a unique and truly world class event, it would ideally be held every other year, rather than annually. So, let the anticipation really begin to build early, and please mark your calendar for December 31, 2010!


Stuff collected from around the venue during tear-down, 2nd of January, 2009.


A host of thankyous from Euchronia!

Well, we've had a few days now to recover and try to put together some meagre words to express our amazement and gratitude to everyone who came to the Ball and made the event what it was. We truly were astonished at the breadth and variety of outfits, and the sheer numbers of people who clearly took much time and care with their presentation down to the most minute of details. Feedback has been pouring into our inboxes and we are genuinely humbled: yes, it was a phenomenal amount of work, but it's all the participants who made Euchronia such a resounding success; so thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

It's time!

Weather forecast for 31st December, 2008:

Cloudy. Shower or two clearing. Winds west to southwesterly averaging up to 35 km/h. Airships take care to tether on at least two moorings. Min 12 Max 23

Tally Ho! It's time for all our revelers to begin final preparations for The Night Ahead in which all manner of anachronistic hedonism comes to life in full, to whit, at Euchronia!

There are still some tickets for sale @ Peril Underground, Wildilocks @ The Lockworks & Heartland Records until close of business, and we will be taking online sales for door pickup until 5pm. There will be limited tickets available on the door, but be aware that our ticket sales are approaching capacity and we recommend coming early to avoid possible disappointment if you are planning on door purchase - as well as to see all the fantastic entertainment we have planned for the evening, of course!

We have added one last DJ to our lineup and that is DJ Louis, an old hand come to our rescue who's been at the decks since the heady days of Subculture, Revelations and Abyss, though more recently Nemesis, DV8 and Gulag.

We're also announcing a last minute philanthropic element to Euchronia. We've had notable interest from the age-challenged who cannot attend our 18+ event, so we have decided to offer a free carriage ride @ 8.30pm before the Event Proper for those who'd like to get into the Steampunk spirit, and who have come up to see the promenade of people entering but cannot do so themselves. You need to be under 18 and at the venue at 8.30; a maximum of 8 persons can be seated. First in, best dressed (or perhaps the other way around?)

Following below the cut are set times, to allow you to plan your evening. Programmes will also be at the door.

Euchronia updates, newspapers and booze!

Please note there are only 2 more days for mail order Euchronia tickets to be purchased - we will be doing our last ticket mailouts at close of business on Wed 24th December. After that date you will still be able to purchase tickets online, but you will need to pick up tickets instore, or at the door. Tickets will be available from Wildilocks @ The Lockworks, Peril Underground, Heartland Records and Blue Attic until close of business on December 31st.

$55 Euchronia tickets only on sale for one more week!


Just a heads-up that $55 tickets are only available for one more week at all ticket outlets and online - after 15th December, tickets will be available @ $65 from selected outlets only, Wildilocks @ The Lockworks, Peril Underground, Blue Attic, and of course online, right up until NYE unless sold out. Ticket sales are really flying now, and it is even possible that standard release tickets may sell out before the 15th, so don't drag your bootheels if you were planning to leave it as late as possible, but don't want to pay third tier prices.

Keep your eye out in the mainstream media over the next couple of weeks too, you may see us appearing in some far-flung places! Our art team under the direction of the hugely talented Monica Zanchetta is coming up with some truly wondrous creations which will be transforming the venue into something out of this century. This truly is something unique and I'm not sure if Melbourne has ever seen the like - nor any other city, for that matter!

We also have one last addition to our overflowing bill, and that is the bizarre Ebenezer Schadenfreude of Petite Mort who has graciously agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Huzzah!

Full lineup & details below the fold, what-ho!

Final lineup additions [most probably!]

Hey folks!

It's getting closer and closer to NYE (5 weeks now, give or take an hour or two!) and we are pleased to announce what will probably be the final additions to our already stunning bill!

Alex De La Rambelje: Magician! In true Victorian cabaret style, we have procured the services of a skilled illusionist. Alex follows in the tradition of turn-of-last-century sleight-of-hand wizards like Harry Houdini, whose mastery of manual dexterity left their audiences breathless. Alex’s act features authentic, traditional cabaret magic performed with the expertise and sophistication guaranteed to impress and enthrall even in these more sophisticated times.

DJ Lobotomy: a name which should be familiar to many of you as one half of the awesome Cabaret Nocturne team. DJ Lobotomy was one of our first picks for Euchronia, and we are very happy to finally be able to announce his addition to the bill. His playlist runs the gamut from Oldschool, Neo-goth, Industrial and EBM to Grunge, Britpop, Indie, Electro and 80's trash.

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