Overdue Thanks and Acknowlegements

It has been four weeks now since Euchronia wired us all into this second decade of the 21st Century in a whirl of lightning, flame, music and dance. On behalf of the League, we congratulate and extend sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone who took part in this entirely extraordinary New Year’s Eve party.

Particularly deserving are the events committee—some of whom ably managed quite extraordinary millinery legerdemain—and we would like firstly to express our deep appreciation and thanks to Connie, DJ Gerry, Lock, m1k3y, DJ Omega and Cliff, and inductees Josh, Michael and Drew, Bernard, Stage Manager Nathan, Bar Manager Danielle, Steve, Steph, DJ Clint and Rachel behind the bar, and Larnie and Shelley on the door. The committee were ably and admirably assisted during the evening by volunteers including Craig, Elizabeth, Mija, Phoenix, Lisa, Candace, Sonya, Narinda, Angie and James.

Of course, the list of people without whom there could have been no Euchronia includes our superlative performers Meredith, Stuart and Joanne, Lola Jane, Michelle, Weezel, Sarah and David, Quincy, Raju, Sharon, David, Scott, Wes, Paul, Ben and Rob, Kerry, Jaime, Mary, Melusina, Stephanie, Skot, Nikolas and Scarlet, Dij, MC Tim, DJs Mel, Nettie and Tom, designer/exhibitor Christopher, exhibition artists Kate, Chris, Gareth, Michelle, Kevin and Andrew—as well as the sorely missed Iain and Jason—videographer Lee, photographer Shami, and Len from Atomic Pictures. For patience, flexibility and good grace in the face of setbacks, reversals and organisational importunities, Ed and Sandra deserve particular thanks; Ed’s Electrical Science was a unique and memorable highlight.

We’d also like the thank and recognise the businesses who made up the bazaar, Dusk Moth, Dragonsblood, Kate & Alex , Suspiria, Visage ’n’ Vice and Wildilocks; Euchronia’s ticketing agents Peril Underground, Of Science and Swords and Moshtix; Kate, Jeremy, Kent, Stephanie, Paul and Colin at The Substation; Peter and Jane of tesladownunder.com and the Tesla coil shoot crew Helen, Ian, Chris, Nonie and Arnica; art consultant Bindi; the Event Equipment staff, in particular Nick and Adam; MC Security; Underbelly; Dan Forrestal; Central Insurance; and the very generous Lockie of RF Probes.

Finally, we owe special thanks to the many supportive and often actively involved partners, everyone who blogged, tweeted and otherwise promoted the event, we League members ourselves, and all our wonderful guests, including many from interstate and overseas, who participated in making this event truly remarkable.

Euchronia 2010 has received a great deal of positive feedback, all of which is deeply gratifying. We’re posting all relevant links to http://euchronia.com/coverage, and welcome any additions. Our official photographs and video will be posted within the next few weeks, and members of the Euchronia website are able to create and post photos to their own galleries on the site.

A certain popular if fanciful interpretation of Mayan calendrics tells us that New Year’s Eve 2012 lies on the other side of the End of the World, so it’s far from certain that a third Euchronia will take place. But whatever lies ahead, the future is where we’ll spend the rest of our lives, so I’m sure you’ll join us in shouting ‘Onward!’ and ‘Huzzah!’

E. Millais and C. St. J. Featherstonehaugh
29th of January, 2011

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