The Tenth Stage

The Tenth Stage formed from a common interest in the darker side of mainstream culture and music. Members are Roberto Massaglia (Tankt) and John Von Ahlen (Subterrane Studio). Roberto writes lyrics and is the main vocalist while John plays bass guitar, theremin and piano and is the band's engineer, producer and all-round studio wiz.

The Tenth Stage’s music can be defined as dark, theatrical pop with an enigmatic blend of synthetic and acoustic instruments. Their sound is an eclectic mix of electronica, dub, reggae and classical music blended together to create twisted pop tales from the darkside – an ironic fist in a velvet glove.

Roberto and John are the band's core members, but The Tenth Stage has an expanded musical vision, and incorporates a range of musicians and singers, both on stage and in their recorded work – they see the project as being more like a theatre performance than a straight-up rock band and they recruit cast members to bring their dark ditties to life. Listening to their album or watching one of their shows is like a cross between pop and vaudeville – each song has been deliberately developed as a tale, a morality play, a circus of performers and freaks living comedy and tragedy through sound and vision. They appeal to your heart and imagination while sating the senses with an intriguing musical mélange.


  • The Tenth Stage (2006)
  • Grand Guignol (2007)
  • Tales From The Casket (2008)

Their music has been included on DVDs such as Bruteforce 7 and they have remixed
Depeche Mode, Tycho Brahe, Angelspit and IKON.

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