What is Euchronia? (2008)

Euchronia is a steampunk / neo-Victorian Year's End Ball which took place in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the last day of the calendar year of 2008. The event officially opened for general admission at 9pm and proceedings continued 'til the early hours of the following morning. Our venue was the fabulous and anachronistic Victorian Trades Hall, an historic Victorian Era building at the edge of the Melbourne CBD which features a perfect blend of history and realism to delight the neo-Victorian and Vintage enthusiast. Victorian Trades Hall is a licensed venue with full bar facilities and as such, Euchronia is an 18+ event.

"Euchronia" is a play on words, in this form taken from the Greek "eu", meaning "good", and "chronos", "time". Time is a central theme of the event, and you may notice things not quite as they should appear in a twenty-first century ball. If you look carefully at the details, you may see evidence of some rather astounding happenings occurring during the evening. The pronunciation of Euchronia is identical to "Uchronia" [which means "no time"], but the event should not be confused with the fantastic art structure by that name created at Burning Man in 2006.

Euchronia featured three separate sound-spaces, each with a different musical focus. The New Ballroom featured a mix of new romantic, gothic fusion, industrial, retro, futuristic, electro and EBM music. The Bella Union Bar hosted several live cabaret-style acts as well as DJs spinning a mix of steampunk, rockabilly, swing, world and alternative music. Finally, our third sound space The Annex was a designated relaxation space with a more ambient and laid-back soundscape. Our performers, bands and djs lineup is filled to the brim with amazing performers, talented musicians and skilled Phonographic Operators!

Dress Code: neoVictorian, steampunk, formal black tie/white tie/ballgown, pirate punk, Edwardian, vintage 20's & 30's, fetish, dieselpunk, goth! Think Moulin Rouge, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Golden Compass, Oliver Twist, Sweeney Todd - plus anything and everything in between. We're pretty easy going to be honest - but if you turn up in jeans & a tshirt you'll just feel out of place :P See here for more costume ideas - you don't have to go crazy/all out, but it's so much more fun for everyone if we all make an effort!

Membership to the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers (our Society for anachronistic pursuits) was also offered to attendees of Euchronia, including a Premium package including custom engraved pocketwatch, horse & carriage ride, and special members-only event at the commencement of the evening. Please see the League page for more information.